Drug Crimes

Sharon Nahari - Drug Crimes

Possession and use of drugs are often not considered serious crimes by the public because it is a rather common crime among normal minors and teenagers. Still, it is important to remember that possession of marijuana or hashish of a weight of 15 grams establishes grounds according to which possession of the drug is not intended solely for personal use. Similarly, use of drugs with a group of people is considered a violation of supplying drugs to someone else. Most suspects, being normal people admit to possession of drugs for their personal use and in many cases due to their naïveté they admit to using drugs in a social setting.

Due to admissions like these, suspects of drug possession can strengthen the accusation made against them and turn it into a crime of drug supply. In both cases (possession not for personal use and drug possession) are considered serious criminal offenses. Most people who use soft drugs are often not aware of the fact that the state attorney and the courts see these offenses in a most grave light and that the state attorney in many cases demands active prison sentences for those who have been convicted of such offenses.

It is important to remember that in cases of criminal offenses, in general and particularly for drug crime offenses it is paramount to seek the services of an experienced defense attorney who has connections with the state attorney and police prosecutors. In cases of grave accusation of drug offenses, the defense attorney can speak with the criminal prosecutor and convince him to drop the grave charges of drug possession for uses other than personal and/or supplying drugs to an offense of drug possession for personal use only.

Afterwards, if the suspect has no criminal record, as a part of the plea bargain agreed upon with the prosecution, it will become possible to request from the court that the defendant be sent to receive a probation service report. This report will assess whether or not the defendant is worthy of being absolved of a conviction, and will recommend the appropriate punishment. All this is valid if the ruling on the offense committed by the defendant is subject to some sort of punishment. The probation service report is a tool through which the court determines whether to forego conviction and the probation service interview is critical. In the vast majority of cases, only a positive probation service report will increase the chances of avoiding conviction.

The Sharon Nahari Law Office specializes in representing those accused and suspected of committing drug offenses. The office team will do all that is in its power in order to minimize the legal damage, if any at all, to you. Whether arriving at a conviction based on a more minor offense (through a plea bargain) or whether the file is entirely closed— we will allocate all the resources at our disposal in order to achieve our goal.