Sharon Nahari - Murders

The crime of murder is the gravest crime among the criminal offenses. Murder is defined as an instance in which a person causes the death of another person when there was an intention to cause the death of the other person. There is a difference between murder and manslaughter, mainly in the punishment for each of the crimes. There are four cases in criminal law that are defined as murder: premeditated murder, any case in which a person intentionally or negligently causes the death of a parent, another case is intentionally causing death while committing a crime, or any case while committing a crime in which a death is caused that guarantees evasion of punishment.

Causing malicious injury leading to the death of an individual, can lead to a conviction of murder, even if there was no premeditation to kill the victim. Therefore, in order to prove that the crime of murder was indeed committed we would have to prove that there was premeditation behind the act. Can proof be easily obtained that there was a decision to kill beforehand? Can it easily be proven that there was preparation in advance to commit the murder and that there was no previous harassment of the victim? If one of these conditions is not proven the court will rule that it is a case of manslaughter and not necessarily murder.

There are a number of cases of murder that the penal code defines as punishable by a lesser punishment than that determined by law. In cases such as mental or cognitive disability of the suspect the punishment is lessened. The maximal sentence for someone convicted of murder is life in prison. A punishment defined by incarceration for an unlimited amount of time, only if the president of the state reduces the punishment the time period can be 40 years or 25, the president has the power to reduce the number of years the person who committed the murder will serve after the final conviction.

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