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The practice of Attorney Sharon Nahari’s law firm encompasses the fields of extradition law, international law, criminal law, and white-collar law. The firm represents clients in international cases worldwide, particularly in economic and financial matters, including money laundering, cryptocurrencies, forex, fraudulent offenses, fraud, bribery, and sexual offenses. The law firm also handles international arrest and extradition proceedings.

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Attorney Sharon Nahari is an esteemed lecturer in academic institutions and a legal commentator on various television and media channels. Furthermore, he is the founder and chairman of the Committee on Extradition and International Crime at the Israel Bar Association. The law firm, founded by criminal lawyer Sharon Nahari in 1998, is recognized as one of the leading law offices in Israel.

The firm places a strong emphasis on providing a wide range of legal services in the criminal and white-collar fields, offering representation in all courts, including the Supreme Court, for various criminal and white-collar offenses. Additionally, the firm features various departments, including the civil-commercial department, among others.

The firm comprises three lawyers, some of whom are veterans of the state’s prosecution. They also collaborate with a retired judge experienced in the criminal and white-collar field, who provides a valuable perspective from the court’s standpoint. The firm handles various international cases through its collaborations with leading law firms worldwide and maintains partnerships with former senior officials from Interpol and private investigators with expertise in international intelligence.

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