Laws of Extradition

Sharon Nahari - Laws of Extradition

With every day that passes, in this day and age, the extent of cooperation consistently continues to grow between the world’s 193 nations: from cooperation of the economical-commercial variety, to security related cooperation and to technological cooperation. In addition to these, one can find the ever expanding cooperation in the homeland security and law domains. A cooperation, intended to ensure that a person who has committed a crime outside of his/her country – will not be able to evade punishment. This universal principle is one that forms the foundation of extradition laws established in many international treaties, signed among others by , of course, Israel.

It is important to remember in relation to the laws of extradition that the job of an attorney does not simply end with formal representation and before the extradition is finalized– quite the contrary. A defense attorney, well versed in the legal material is a necessity in every legal field, but the importance of professional legal representation becomes more palpable in extradition proceedings due to the severity of the matter at hand.

In addition to providing constant legal advice, the defense attorney dealing with extradition proceedings fulfills a number of positions: from protecting the right of the accused to not be extradited in a country that doesn’t maintain fair trials, to protecting the right to raise claims through his/her representative as to evidence in the case that is not sufficient and does not strengthen the ruling that the suspect is extraditable, to the obligation to raise all possible legal claims in order to prevent the proceeding and even prevent the extradition due to a crime that fails due to lack of criminality.

Finally, it is important that only an Israeli attorney represents the issues of the suspect before those seeking his/her extradition abroad and also to ensure that the suspect receive proper legal representation after he/she has been extradited. If criminal proceedings that take place in Israel against a defendant are accompanied by feelings of defenselessness, stress or uncertainty, then certainly in extradition proceedings the intensity of these feelings is doubled.

Often, the defendant does not speak the language of the country in which he/she is extradited. The difficulties in communication with the foreign attorney representing him/her, not being familiar with the nature of the legal processes in the country of extradition and the constant worry of incarceration in a foreign jail are naturally worrisome for any defendant – and for this reason the maximal extensive involvement of an Israeli attorney in the entire extradition process is of the utmost importance.

Sharon Nahari Law Office specializes in legal consultation and representation services for extradition suspects, while placing emphasis on professional legal guidance throughout the process: from the first hearing for extradition, to tending to the extradition process itself if the request is accepted. The highly skilled team of attorneys employed by our firm will put all available resources to our firm at your disposable – and this is in order to minimize the legal damage that may be caused to you, if and when it happens – to the lowest possible minimum.