Sharon Nahari - Cybercrimes

Computers surround our world and they are an inseparable part of our lives. Today, every home usually has more than one computer, and that’s without considering tablets. We are available at all times and a world of information is laid out before us with a simple push of a button. Information prevented from publication on television channels or in newspaper articles easily finds its way to the internet. Opinions people are afraid to express publicly on the radio, will be voiced easily when people know they can hide behind a keyboard. Like everything in life, the internet also has its many positive sides, but also its negative sides that can hurt the people around us without us noticing.

The events that led to the legislation of the cybercrime law began with the astronomical growth in the use of computer technology, along with the rise in the ability to use technological tools on computers. The law differentiates between crimes in which computers are used as a tool for committing crimes, as opposed to crimes in which computers are used as targets or cybercrimes whose intention was to harm computer networks.

According to the definition in the law, cybercrimes take place when using computers or disrupting normal computer function, an action that has stored or transferred misinformation or led to misinformation. In parallel, hacking into a computer without the consent of the computer’s owners for the purpose of exposing information stores on the computer.  Infiltration into a computer in order to commit another crime – falsification of results, money transfer and the like will be considered cybercrimes, as is spreading computer viruses like those capable of causing damage to a computer, or to certain materials under the guise of a normal file.

There are many obstacles in investigating crimes committed on the internet. This is because there is a blurring of boundaries of the real world and the virtual world, it is difficult, even impossible, for law enforcement authorities to deal with criminal phenomena of such a kind that often requires efficient cooperation between enforcement agencies around the world, something that is highly difficult to achieve.

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