White Collar Crime

Sharon Nahari - White Collar Crime

Not every criminal offense is accompanied by physical violence. The term “white collar crime” refers to crimes that are usually of a financial character and are committed by people of high status or influence, who abuse their status and power. There are a few types of crimes defined as “white collar crimes,” among them: fraud and breach of trust crimes, bribery,  entry of falsehoods in corporate documents, receiving something in a fraudulent manner, theft by an executive or authorized person, tax offenses, money laundering, violations of competition/anti-trust laws.

Lately, it appears that there is a particular rise in white collar crime. They are indeed rarer than other offenses in the criminal field, but in many cases they make waves in the media. Since crimes of this type require great sophistication, the suspects need to be represented in a sophisticated manner.

An attorney well versed in the field of finance and the penal code is required to deal with white collar crime. It is important that the criminal attorney be well experienced. Because in these cases they will have to prepare people who are experiencing police interrogation for the first time in their lives and anything they say in the interrogation can hurt them later on in the legal process.

It is necessary to note that in many cases of white collar crime, it is possible to act to get the indictment cancelled in the interrogation stage or changed in the hearing stage, therefore you must take great care when choosing an attorney to represent you.

The Sharon Nahari Law Office specializes in providing legal consultation with relation to white collar crimes while placing emphasis on professional legal guidance throughout the whole process. Starting from  the first interrogation and throughout the entire process. Legal consultation on the subject when the attorney is an expert in white collar crime, and has vast experience – can greatly influence the suspect’s future.