Fraud and Embezzlement Offenses

Sharon Nahari - Fraud and Embezzlement Offenses

Fraud and embezzlement offences are committed by fraudulent acts and are intended to benefit the person committing them, while influencing another person through fraudulent means, or with the intention of insisting upon the truth of a certain fact. Behind acts of fraud there is deep thought and planning by the perpetrator, while manipulating the victim, who is not aware of what has been hatched behind their back. Fraud and embezzlement offenses include a wide range of offenses that overlap with varied and diverse fields.

Criminal acts that may be considered acts of embezzlement are defined as embezzlement aided by forgery and simultaneous identity theft, false advertising of some product, scams, false debits or misappropriation of funds. Most fraud and embezzlement offenses are financial and related to the business sector.

Offences of fraud are defined as receiving something in a fraudulent manner, document forgery, including if said forgery influenced transactions, use of a forged document whether with previous knowledge or without, forgery by a public servant, lobbying for fraudulent purposes, entry of falsehoods in corporate documents and breaches of trust, concealing information and tax evasion while committing fraud, racketeering by force or threats.

Law enforcement personnel invest great and varied resources in the field of fraud, labor in an integrated manner and employ many investigation units. Fraud and embezzlement offenses are committed on a large scale due to the many possibilities the internet grants through its network. For the criminal attorney tending to cases of fraud and embezzlement it is important that they knows how to be aided by professionals such as accountants, economists and computer experts.

The Sharon Nahari Law Office specializes in providing consultation and representation in the wide range of fraud and embezzlement cases, including forgery and breaches of trust, due to its command in the criminal field and the field of fraud and embezzlement, while providing a comprehensive and accurate legal response to suspects.

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