Sexual Offenses

Sharon Nahari - Sexual Offenses

The legal system in the modern age tends to be strict with sexual offense crimes. What was once considered acceptable and in the realm of normal relations between the two sexes, is today construed in a totally different manner. If, in the past, the victim of rape had to prove that sex was forced on him/her, today the accused offender has to provide proof that there was consent, a consent that was valid throughout the entire intercourse. Meaning that the defendant needs to prove his/her innocence – much more so than the victim needs to prove guilt.

The category of sexual offenses includes anything that involves physical contact with the victim, presenting sexual images and even disparaging and offensive speech of sexual nature. Sexual offenses are committed when a sexual act is committed against the will of the victim. They are divided into a number of levels where the most grave relate to physical assault of the victim, as opposed to the less grave, which are characterized by lewd or indecent acts or sexist speech. Sexual offenses are considered most grave when the victim is a minor, or when the offense is accompanied by violence or threats.

The penal code defines sodomy while abusing workplace relations and imposing authority or making false promises, sexual acts between a mental practitioner and a patient and indecent acts committed without the consent of one of the parties involved. Sexual offenses can be categorized with racketeering, when the act necessary for the extortion is of a sexual nature. When repeated requests of a sexual nature are made when the opposing party does not consent – this is considered sexual harassment.

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