עורך דין פלילי שרון נהרי

Our successes in obtaining winning results for our clients over the years have been achieved through aggressive representation, thorough investigation and early preparation of our clients' cases. We utilize creative legal strategies and resourceful defenses.

We emphasize defending clients in both the Criminal and Immigration courts

While representing you in the criminal courts, we utilize our courtroom experience and resources in order to avoid convictions for aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude

The firm represent hundred of criminal cases at all court level

The firm deals with all kind of criminal offences, such as:

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The office deals with Israeli citizen that has been arrested at different countries all over the world, corporated with local criminal Lawyers

The office located in Tel-Aviv City, near the Court of Law

S.Nahari Law Offices

Metzada 7, B.S.R Tower – Bnei Brak Israel

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